Onyx Upgrade for Legacy Printers

Over the past few years, we have added the ability to print Onyx to every composite printer in our lineup. After evaluating the wear implications, we have decided to expand the capabilities of the Mark Two Standard and Professional editions to print Onyx, our proprietary Nylon and chopped carbon fiber filament. Please review the caveats below to understand the effects of and best practices for printing Onyx on legacy Desktop Series printers.

You can enable this capability by performing a device firmware update. If your printer operates offline, you will need to download the latest printer firmware from Eiger in order to take advantage of this material opportunity. For more information, see Update Firmware.

Some caveats to switching to Onyx with your system:

  1. Once you begin printing in Onyx or Nylon White, you will no longer be able to print in Tough Nylon. Onyx and Nylon White condition the print head such that it is no longer effective in printing the discontinued Tough Nylon material.

  2. You will experience accelerated wear on the plastic nozzle, Bowden tube, and feed tube, as Onyx is more abrasive than other plastic material due to its carbon fiber content. These consumables will wear no more than they do on our other systems that print Onyx, but the wear may be more than you are used to.

  3. After switching to Onyx, the plastic extruder and drybox fitting will wear at an accelerated rate, as the original versions of these components were produced in brass. The replacement parts available on our online store have updated steel versions of those components. The parts you will eventually need if you choose to print Onyx are:

    These components are covered under our Success Plan. Under the plan, if the components fail and need replacement in the future, they will be replaced without additional charge. To look into attaching a plan to your device, reach out to your Markforged Partner.


We hope that you find this capability helpful, especially if you were looking to use Onyx to print our PPE designs to assist in the COVID-19 pandemic response.