Remove Support Material from Printed Parts

Printed supports can be removed with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Grab a small number of support pieces with the pliers, as close to the surface of the part as possible, and twist while peeling the supports away from the surface.

If removing the supports leaves small strings of material behind on the surface of the part, wet sanding and/or carefully trimming with a utility knife can be effective.

Note that the quality of surface finish depends partly on the orientation of the part on the bed, and the support structures will tend to leave behind more or less residue depending on their angle of surface attachment. If a given part's support structures are leaving behind unacceptable amounts of material residue, you can experiment with adjusting the Support Angle setting in the Eiger Part Settings panel -- which changes the direction of the zigzag support-material pattern -- or enabling Turbo Supports, which reduces the number of support structures.

Note: If the Turbo Supports (Beta) toggle switch does not appear in the Part Settings panel, navigate to Settings > Account Settings and click the Enable Experimental Features toggle switch, then return to the Part View page for the part in question.