Replace Drybox Adapter


Replacing your drybox adapter is a relatively simple maintenance operation and should take no longer than 30 minutes to finish. You must perform the procedure if your adapter is damaged from the natural wear of printing our rugged material.

NOTE: This procedure requires removing your material from the drybox for more than the recommended time; in that time, the filament can absorb enough moisture to render the entire spool unusable. Do not perform this procedure unless you have an airtight receptacle in which to store your material or you have just run out of material. 



  • 2 x 11/16" Wrench
  • 1 x 5/8" Wrench


Identifying Your Drybox Adapter

Every Markforged composite printer ships with a drybox for storing print material during use. The material feeds out of the drybox through the drybox adapter, a small metal assembly inserted in the side of the drybox.  


Two types of drybox adapter are seen in the field. Older units shipped with brass drybox adapters; newer units have hardened steel adapters. Only brass drybox adapters need to be replaced. Below are images of brass (left) and steel (right) drybox adapters.


If you have a brass drybox adapter, continue with the replacement instructions.


Prepare Your Drybox

  1. Confirm that you have an airtight container of appropriate size to store your material in during the following maintenance procedure. Improper storage will ruin the material.
  2. Unload plastic material from your machine, following these instructions.
  3. Manually wind the cut plastic filament remaining in the plastic feed tube back onto the spool. Tape the loose end of the filament to the spool
  4. Remove and store your material spool in the airtight container, along with the desiccant pack(s) from your drybox.


Uninstall Your Drybox Adapter

  1. Remove the feed tube from the drybox by pressing down on the orange push-to-connect fitting while gently pulling the feed tube away from the drybox.
  2. Holding the internal hexagonal feature on the drybox with one 11/16" wrench, loosen the external nut on the drybox adapter with the other 11/16" wrench.
  3. Remove the external nut from the adapter and push the internal feature in toward the drybox.
  4. Remove the other half of the adapter from the inside of the drybox.
  5. Separate the rubber washer from the threaded portion of the adapter and set the rubber washer aside for reuse. It will be needed for the replacement adapter.


Install the New Drybox Adapter

  1. Unscrew the nut from your new steel drybox adapter. 
  2. Place the rubber washer from the old brass adapter around the threaded portion of the steel drybox adapter.
  3. From the inside of your dry box, push the threaded portion of the drybox adapter out through the hole in the drybox wall.
  4. Using your fingers, tighten the nut onto the threads of the drybox adapter.
  5. Holding the internal hexagonal feature on the drybox with one 11/16" wrench, tighten the external nut onto the drybox adapter with the 5/8" wrench one half turn past finger-tight.


Reattach the Feed Tube and Load Material

  1. Press one end of the plastic feed tube into the black plastic push-to-connect fitting on the drybox adapter.
  2. Place the desiccant pack(s) you removed earlier back into the drybox.
  3. Reinstall the plastic spool and load plastic material into your machine by following these instructions.