Packaging a Printer for Shipment


Please follow these instructions carefully to package your Desktop Series printer for shipment. Improper packing can damage your printer aesthetically and mechanically. Markforged is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing.


  • Red drybox adapter plug (from accessory kit)
  • Two zip ties
  • Original printer packaging (one box, three foam inserts)
  • Packaging tape
  • Painter's tape (or other non-marking tape)

Note: If you did not retain your original printer packaging, contact Markforged Support.


Note on Returning Printers to Markforged

If you are replacing your printer, you will need to ship your current printer back to Markforged. Ensure that you retain all of the following for use with your replacement printer: 

  • Power supply
  • Print bed
  • Drybox
  • Plastic feed tube
  • Wi-Fi antenna or Ethernet cable
  • Accessory kit
  • Any materials


Preparing Your Printer 

  1. Unload all plastic and fiber print material from the printer. 
  2. Remove and set aside any fiber spools that may be inside the printer.
  3. Push in the push-to-connect fitting on the side of the drybox to release the plastic feed tube from the drybox adapter. Set aside the plastic feed tube.
    Note: The drybox push-to-connect fitting may be either black or orange.
  4. Insert the red drybox adapter plug into the drybox adapter to seal the drybox.
  5. Power off your printer and unplug the power supply from the back panel.
  6. Remove and set aside the Wi-Fi antenna / Ethernet cable.
  7. Remove any other cables or USB drives attached to the back of the printer.
  8. Remove and set aside the print bed.
  9. Manually raise the print stage to its maximum height.
  10. As you face the printer, move the print head to the left side of the gantry, such that the print head is positioned over the left arm of the print stage.
  11. Apply the two zip ties such that each loops around the Y-rail and the bottom of the stage arm on either side of the print head. See the images below.
  12. Using painter's tape or other non-marking tape, tape the lid and visor of the printer closed to prevent them from accidentally opening.


Packaging Your Printer

  1. Reassemble the box your printer originally came in. Insert the full-length foam insert into the bottom of the box.
  2. Place your printer into the box such that it sits upright. 
    Note: The printer is heavy and may require two people to move. Never lift the printer by its plastic visor. 
  3. Insert the two half-length foam inserts into the box to secure the printer in place.
  4. Using packaging tape, securely tape the box closed.
  5. If you are returning your printer to Markforged: Attach the Markforged-provided shipping label to the top of the box.