What’s New with Eiger


With the latest Eiger update comes a brand-new interface, an assortment of new features, and completely rewritten documentation. It’s not just a new look, but a new Eiger inside and out – and more major improvements are coming soon.

Clearer Navigation

The first things you’ll notice as you open the new Eiger are the redesigned sidebar and navigation bar, offering ready access to all devices, print jobs, parts, and builds within your organization. Instead of “projects,” your parts are now grouped into folders – which are foregrounded in the Folders view on the sidebar. 

Improved Part Organization

New part management tools, including batch processes, make it easier than ever to keep your part library lean and organized as it scales up. The updated Import STL workflow and the addition of folders makes part organization a breeze.


Enhanced Search

Eiger’s search tools and filters are faster and more powerful than ever, enabling you to locate the parts, folders, builds, and devices you need quickly, even across large organizations.


Next Steps

This Eiger update is designed to pave the way for major new features arriving in late 2019, including flexible new tools for managing users, devices, and organizations.


To learn more about Eiger, see the brand new Eiger User Manual or explore our Eiger support articles.