Cloud and Local Storage Eiger Update, October 2019

A major update is coming to Eiger on Sunday, October 27, 2019, for both cloud and local storage users.

What's New?

With the latest Eiger update comes a brand-new interface, an assortment of new features, and completely rewritten documentation. It’s not just a new look, but a new Eiger inside and out:

Clearer Navigation

The first things you’ll notice as you open the new Eiger are the redesigned sidebar and navigation bar, offering ready access to private and shared parts and builds. Instead of “projects,” your parts are now grouped into folders – which are foregrounded in the Folders view on the sidebar.

Improved Part Organization

New part management tools, including batch processes, make it easier than ever to keep your part library lean and organized as it scales up. The updated STL Import workflow makes part organization a breeze.

Enhanced Search

Eiger’s search tools and filters are faster and more useful than ever, enabling you to locate the parts and folders you need quickly, even across large organizations.

Updating Local Storage eiger

You must download and install version 2.0.0 of Local Storage Eiger prior to the update in order to maintain normal operations on Local Storage Eiger. You may do so immediately, and must complete the installation before Eiger is taken offline for maintenance on the 27th.

How to download and install Local Storage Eiger 2.0.0.

In order to facilitate a smooth rollout of the new Eiger features, Eiger will be brought offline for a 90-minute maintenance window beginning Sunday, October 27 at 07:00am ET, (11:00am GMT). During this time, any print jobs you already have in progress will continue, uninterrupted. However, you will not be able to log in to Eiger or create new print jobs until the maintenance window is complete. Please make sure to save your work before 07:00am ET (11:00am GMT) on Sunday, October 27th.

An updated Eiger user manual is available, and the Support team is ready to help with any questions.

Install for Mac

For information about the updated Mac version of Local Storage Eiger, please file a ticket with our Support team.