Organization Owner



Eiger allows for 100 users per organization, but this number can be increased if necessary.

Within an organization, there is one organization owner responsible for adding users, removing users, and performing all other administrative tasks. The role of organization owner is automatically assigned to the person who creates an organization in Eiger; this user can later transfer ownership of the organization to another user who is already listed as a member of the organization.

This section describes several features only available to organization owners. For more information on administrative actions that the organization owner can perform, see Managing Users and Devices.

Organization Settings

The Organization Settings section is accessible from the Settings menu. Note that the Organization Settings menu option will only appear to the organization owner.

This section contains the following pages: Organization Profile, User Management, and Invitations. Continue reading to learn more about the contents of these pages.


Organization Profile

On this page, you can edit information associated with your organization, transfer ownership of the organization to another user, or delete the organization. This page is divided into three sections:


The Organization Information box contains the following:

  • Organization Display Name section: Lists the organization’s displayed name and an Edit button. Click the Edit button to rename the organization.
  • Organization Owner section: Lists the name and email address of the organization owner, as well as an Edit button. To transfer ownership of the organization, see Transferring Ownership to Another User.

The Activity Alerts section contains the following:

  • Device Activity Email section: Click the Edit button to set an additional email address to which notifications of device activity will be sent.
  • Support Copy Email section: Click the Edit button to add an email address that will be copied on all messages between Markforged Support and members of your organization.

The Danger Zone section contains a button labeled Delete Organization. Click the button to permanently delete your organization.


User Management

This page lists every member in your organization and gives you the option to remove any given user except yourself, as the organization owner. You can access this page by navigating to Organization Settings and selecting User Management from the sidebar.


This page consists of a table of users. Each row in the table displays the user’s name, their email, and a button labeled Remove User. This button is enabled next to every user except for the organization owner.

For more information on removing users from the organization, see Removing Users



On this page, you can invite users to join your organization. You can access this page by navigating to Organization Settings and selecting Invitations from the sidebar.

The Send Invitation section allows you to invite users to join your Eiger organization. This section includes:

  • Email address to invite field: Click and type the email address of the person you would like to invite.
  • Send button: Click to send an invitation email to the given email address.

The Pending Invitations section displays the following information about each unaccepted invitation:

  • Email: The email address to which the invitation was sent.
  • Invitation Send Date: The date at which the user was invited.
  • Delete Invitation: Click the Delete button to delete the invitation for this user. They will not be able to join your organization unless you re-invite them.