My Profile

You can access the My Profile page by navigating to your Account Settings. On this page, you can edit information and preferences associated with your Eiger account. This page is divided into five sections:



The Personal Details section contains the following:

  • Full Name: Lists your name and an Edit button. Click the Edit button to change your name on Eiger.
  • Email: Lists your email address and an Edit button. Click the Edit button to change the email address associated with your Eiger account.



The Security section contains the following:

  • Password: Click the Change Password button to change your Eiger password. For more information, see Change Password.
  • Single Sign-On: Click the button labeled Enable Google Sign In to enable single sign-on via your Google account. For more information, see Enable Single Sign-On via Google Account

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Click Configure to enable app-based multi-factor authentication, adding a further layer of security to your Eiger account. Every time you log in, you will need to enter the one time password generated by the app in order to access your Eiger account. For more information, see Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication.



The COVID Library section contains the Include COVID-19 tab in library toggle switch. Toggle the switch to display or hide the COVID-19 Support link in the Workspace sidebar. For more information, see COVID-19 Support.



The Preferences section contains the following:

  • Preferred units drop-down: Select an option from the drop-down to change the units that your parts import in by default.
  • Graphics Quality drop-down: Select an option from the drop-down to change the quality level of graphics displayed on Eiger.
  • Enable experimental features toggle switch: Click to display alpha and beta print settings on the Part View page. You may need to refresh your browser before changes take effect.
  • Activity notification emails toggle switch: This feature alerts you via email when Eiger activity relevant to your user account occurs. Such activity might include a print job concluding, or a part becoming ready to remove from the Wash-1. This feature is enabled by default.
  • Hide part settings help tooltips toggle switch: Click to prevent tooltips from popping up automatically on the Part View and Build View pages. This feature is disabled by default.
    Note: When disabled, tooltips are still accessible by clicking on question mark icons next to features on the Part View or Build View pages.
  • Reset Tutorials button: Click to reset all Eiger tutorials. The next time you access an Eiger page for which there is a tutorial, you will be prompted to complete that tutorial.



The Phone Number section contains the following:

  • Country drop-down: Select your country of residence to add your country code to your mobile phone number.
  • Phone Number: Click within the Mobile Phone Number field and type in your mobile phone number, then press the Update button to update the phone number associated with your account.



The Danger Zone section contains a button labeled Delete Account. Click the button to permanently delete your Eiger account. All parts owned by your account will be assigned to the organization owner.