Importing a Print Job



  1. Insert a USB drive into the USB port on your printer.
  2. Select the menu icon from the dashboard.
  3. Select the Storage tile from the available options.
  4. Select the Print Job History tile from the available options.
  5. Select the print job from the recent history.
    Note: Print jobs with completed laser scans will have a laser scan icon in the print job tile. If the laser scan is still in progress, the icon will not appear, and the scan will not be able to be exported with the print job.
  6. Press the OK button on the Export Complete screen.
    Note: If the export encounters any issues, you will be presented with a screen detailing the failure. Please see the Troubleshooting section below for more information.
  7. Remove the USB drive from the printer and insert it into your computer.
  8. Open Eiger and navigate to the Print Jobs page.
  9. Press the Import Print Job button in the top right corner of the page.
  10. Select the file from your USB drive.
  11. Wait for the Print Job Importer to read Import Complete, then press the Done button.


Troubleshooting and Common Error Messages

Depending on your workflow and the state of connectivity of your printer, you may see the following messages during the process of saving and importing your print job.

  • Export Notice: Files Automatically Uploaded: If you see this notice, then your print was started online and any laser scan files were likely already imported directly to your print job in Eiger. If you cannot find the scan files in Eiger, they may have been erased to make room for additional files on your printer.
  • Export Notice: Files Evicted: If you see this notice, then your print was started via USB and any laser scan files were likely erased from your printer to make room for new files.
  • Print Job Importer: Different Eiger Instance: If you see this notice, then you are trying to load a print job into a different Local Storage Eiger instance than the one that the part was originally exported from. Print job files must be loaded into Local Storage Eiger on the same machine from which the part was sliced, saved, and exported.
  • Print Job Importer: Local Storage Content: If you see this notice, then you are trying to import a print job file into Cloud Eiger that contains data originally sliced and stored in an instance of Local Storage Eiger. To maintain security of part data, files for parts originally exported from Local Storage Eiger cannot be imported into Cloud Eiger.