Build View

You can navigate to the Build View page by selecting a build from the Builds page, or by clicking the Print button in the bottom right corner of the Part View or Internal View pages. From the Build View page, you can edit build settings, print a part, edit or save a build (which consists of multiple parts), or print a build.


The left-hand side of the page contains the following:

  • Build name field: Click on the build name in the top left corner and start typing to rename the build.
  • Build Details panel: This panel on the left-hand side of the page contains the following sections:
    • Build Details drop-down: This section displays estimated print time, material volumes, and material cost.
    • Errors drop-down: This section lists build settings that would cause your print job to fail. You must resolve all errors listed here before attempting to print. Only appears when Eiger detects problems with your build.
    • Warnings drop-down: This section warns you of build settings that may negatively affect print quality. We highly recommend that you resolve all warnings listed here before attempting to print. Only appears when Eiger detects potential problems with your build.
  • Print bed preview: Preview the build on the print bed.
    • Click a part to select it. This action will load that part in the Current Selection box within the Build Settings panel.
    • Click and drag a part to change its position on the print bed.
    • Click and drag within the preview to view the part from multiple angles.



The Build Settings panel on the right-hand side of the page contains:

  • Printer Type drop-down: Select the type of printer on which to print the part. The options in the drop-down menu will be limited by the material you selected earlier.
  • Select Printer drop-down: Click to open a drop-down menu in which you can select a printer or choose to download the build. The drop-down menu includes the following subsections:
    • Available: Printers listed under this subsection are available for printing.
    • Busy: Printers listed under this subsection are currently printing, but you can add this print job to their queue.
    • Offline: Printers listed under this subsection are currently powered off or not connected to the Internet. You can add this print job to their queue to be completed when they come online.
    • Download: Select the Export Build option listed under this subsection to download the print file to your computer. For more information, see Print to Offline Printer.
  • Parts In Build section:
    • Add Parts button: Click to load a pop-up window featuring:
      • Search bar: Click and type to load matching part names in the list of parts below.
      • Scrollable list of parts: Each part displays its name, owner, material icons, part preview, and the number of copies already included in the build.
      • Click a part to add it to the build. To add multiple of the same part to the build, click that part in the list multiple times.
      • Done button: Click to exit the window.
    • List of parts in the build:
      • Click a part name to select that part on the print bed and load it in the Current Selection box.
      • Click the X button next to a part name to remove that part from the build.
  • Cloud Print Generation toggle switch: When enabled, Eiger handles build computation in the cloud, rather than in your web browser, allowing for faster print generation and reducing local resource use.
  • Current Selection box: This box lists the part name and version number. Only appears when a part is selected.
    • θ field: Type a value, in degrees, to rotate the selected part around its center. Note that large parts may change their position on the print bed to ensure that they stay within the printable area.
    • X and Y fields: Type a value to change the position of the part on the XY plane of the print bed.


The bottom right corner of the page contains the following:

  • Part View button: Only enabled when a part is selected. Click to return to the Part View page for the selected part.
  • Save Build button: Only appears when there are multiple parts in the build. Saved builds are accessible from the Builds page.
  • Print button: Click to print to an available printer or to manage queue options for offline or busy printers.
    • A pop-up window will display the following information:
      • Print Details section: Lists build name, material volumes, job duration, and estimated queue time (if a queue has already formed for this printer).
      • Material Warnings section: Appears if the selected printer does not have the sufficient material for the print.
      • Printer Queue section: Lists the name, materials, number of copies, initiating user, and estimated print time of each queued print job. Only appears if a queue has already formed for this device.
      • Status section: Displays printer status: busy, available, etc.
      • Add to Queue button: Click to add the print job to the end of the queue.
      • Print Next button: Click to add the print job to the beginning of the queue, preempting all other queued print jobs. Only appears if a queue has already formed for this printer.
      • Print Now button: Click to begin printing immediately.
  • Export Build button: Replaces the Print button when Export Build is selected from the Select Printer drop-down menu. Click to download the MFP file for the build that you have created. Note that exporting a build containing two or more parts will add that build to the Builds page.