The Auto-Pause feature is designed to alert you if your printer is running low on plastic or fiber, if applicable, so as to prevent your printer from running out of material during a print. This feature only works if you use the Meter Load option when loading materials. Should Eiger or your printer find that there is less material loaded into the printer than is needed, you will be prompted with the following options:

  • Turn the Auto-Pause feature on: This will cause your print to pause if the amount of remaining material becomes too low so that you can replace it and continue your print.
  • Turn the Auto-Pause feature off: This will cause your printer to run regardless of the amount of material that is left, potentially leading to a failed print.
  • Cancel the print: The print will be canceled. It is not possible to resume a canceled print.
  • Reload new material: Immediately swap out the partial spool of material for a new spool and continue the current print.

If you choose to enable the Auto-Pause feature, either through Eiger or on your printer, and the print does pause, you will receive a notification on the printer touchscreen and via email.

Enable and Disable Auto-Pause Feature in Eiger

When sending a part to a printer, Eiger will automatically check whether the printer has enough material to run the print. If material supplies are too low, you will receive an onscreen pop-up notification asking if you would like to use the Auto-Pause feature. When printing from Eiger, Auto-Pause is enabled by default.

If Eiger determines that you do not have enough material to print a part, you will see a pop-up like this one:


Enable and Disable Auto-Pause Feature on your Printer

For more information, see Auto-Pause and Material Metering.