Devices / Printers page

Devices can be added to an Eiger organization to allow for online printing and monitoring, material tracking, printing statistics, and other features. Once a device is registered to an organization, it can be accessed by all users in that organization. The Devices or Printers page lists all devices registered to your organization.

Note that there are two names for this page. If there are any Metal X System devices registered to your organization, then the title of the page will appear in the top bar, sidebar, and the page itself as Devices; in addition, links to the Wash Jobs and Sinter Jobs pages will appear in the sidebar.(For more information on these pages, see Wash Jobs and Sinter Jobs.) Otherwise, the title of the page will appear as Printers.

Note: For the purposes of our documentation, the Devices / Printers page will be referred to as the Devices page.


From left to right, the horizontal bar near the top of the page contains:

  • List/Tile View icons: Click the desired icon to change the page layout from a list of devices to a collection of device tiles, or vice versa. The icon that is not currently selected is grayed out.
  • Filters drop-down: Click and start typing to generate a list of suggested device models, device names, and materials. Click one of the entries in the list to filter all builds by that property, or press the Enter key to filter by build names containing the typed letters.
    Note: You can apply multiple filters by repeating this process.
  • Register Device button: Click to register a new device to your organization. For more information, see Register a Device.

The body of the page lists all devices registered to your Eiger organization. The layout of the page depends on whether Tile View or List View is enabled. Selecting a device takes you to its Device Info page.