Folders allow you to group together related parts for ease of access. You can access the Folders page from the sidebar.

This page displays all folders created within your organization. All users in an organization can view and add their own parts to any folder; however, only the owner of a part can add their part to, or remove their part from, a folder. To add a part owned by another user to one of your own folders, make a copy of the part; you will then own the copy, which you can freely modify.


From left to right, the horizontal bar near the top of the page contains:

  • List/Tile View icons: Click the desired icon to change the page layout from a collection of folder tiles to a list of folders, or vice versa. The icon that is not currently selected is grayed out.
  • Sort by drop-down: Click and select an option from the drop-down menu to sort all folders in your organization by one of the following options:
    • Modified: Click to sort all folders by the time they were last modified
    • Created: Click to sort all folders by the time they were created
    • Alphabetical: Click to sort all folders by name
  • Filters drop-down: Click and start typing to generate a list of suggested users. Click one of the entries in the list to filter all folders by a part owner, or press the Enter key to filter by folder names containing the typed letters.
    Note: You can apply multiple filters by repeating this process.
  • Create Folder button: Click to create a new folder. For more information, see Creating a Folder.
  • Import STL button: Click to import an STL file. For more information, see Importing an STL File.

The body of the page contains:

  • When Tile View is enabled:
    • Folder tiles: Each folder tile includes the following: up to four part previews, number of component parts, folder name, and folder owner. Click to navigate to the Folder page for that folder. Hovering your mouse over a folder tile will reveal the following element:
      • Actions button: Click the button labeled […] in the top right corner of the folder tile to generate a drop-down menu, including:
        • Remove: Remove this folder from your organization.
          Note: You can only remove folders that you own.
  • When List View is enabled:
    • List of folders: Each folder displays the following: folder name, folder owner, number of component parts, date created, and date modified. Click to navigate to the Folder page for that folder.
  • Pagination: Click on one of the numbers, or the Next button, at the bottom of the page to display additional folders. Next to the pagination options, the number of folders on this page and the total number of folders are listed.