Importing an STL File

STL files can be exported from CAD programs and imported into Eiger as parts for slicing. Since STL files contain no scale information or units, you should check the sliced part to confirm that the physical dimensions of the printed/sintered part will be correct. Note that the maximum recommended file size is 20 MB.

Follow the instructions below to import an STL file from any Eiger page.

  1. Click the Import STL icon in the navigation bar.
  2. Click within the Upload File box and select the file in question, or click and drag the file from a directory window into the box.
  3. Input the desired part name in the Name input field.
  4. Optional: Select the desired destination folder from the Folder drop-down menu. If you do not wish to add the part to a folder, leave All Parts (Default) as the selected folder. For more information on folders, see Folders.
  5. Click Import STL to import the file to Eiger. You will be redirected to the Part View page for the newly created part.
  6. Change any desired settings in the Part Settings panel. For more information, see Part View.
  7. Click Save in the bottom right corner.