Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This guide gives suggested cleaning and maintenance schedules for your Markforged Desktop or Industrial printer.


International Translations

Click one of the links below to download a translation of the Preventive Maintenance Schedule as a printable PDF. Note that the international translations are periodically updated, but the most current version is the English-language original.

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Every Day

Clear debris from print bed, print chamber, and touchscreen

After each print run, wash print bed in sink

  • Use wet sponge to remove remaining glue

  • Do not use soap

  • Dry with paper towel or lint-free cloth

Check your consumables

  • Confirm that sufficient plastic and fiber material is loaded for next print

  • Check nozzles, tubes, and tube tips for wear

  • Material pathway should have as few bends as possible, with drybox positioned near printer inlet hole

Check bed level (5-20 min)

Ensure that the bearings underneath the Y rail are properly tightened and clear of dust

If you notice a clicking noise coming from the left side of your printer, run the underextrusion troubleshooting utility 

Short Term

Update all software: Settings → Update Manager

Desiccant pouches in your drybox should be thrown out and replaced every time you switch plastic spools

Check flexible tubes for wear, especially if using Onyx (5-10 min)

Check Industrial Series laser lens for smudges and debris, and clean if necessary using the included wipes

Confirm that the print nozzles are in working order (1 min)

  • First sign of plastic nozzle wear is degradation of print quality
  • Tip of fiber nozzle flattens/wears toward arrow features; if arrow touches lip of nozzle, replace nozzle
  • Heat and clean nozzles with tweezers and brass wire brush

Level bed and adjust nozzle every 2-4 prints and after dislocation, failed print, or maintenance (15 min)

If several days pass between prints, clear wet material from Bowden tube and extruder before printing

  • Menu → Utilities → Test Prints → Wet Plastic Purge Print (5-10 min)


Long Term

Replace the plastic and fiber nozzles

  • Plastic nozzle: Replace every 3-6 months or 1,000 print hours (5 min) 
  • Fiber nozzle: Replace every 1-3 months or 500 print hours (1 min)

Check belt tension and adjust if necessary after changing any component of the motion system, and every 250 print hours (5 min)

  • Industrial: Tune belt to 82-84Hz; see support article
  • Desktop: Tune rear belt tension to 49Hz, front belt tension to 62Hz; see support article

Replace all Bowden and feed tubes

  • Replace the plastic Bowden and feed tubes approximately every 3-6 months or 1,000 print hours (5-10 min)
  • The fiber Bowden and feed tubes wear more quickly when printing carbon fiber — watch for thinning or sheared walls. Replace the feed tube every 3-6 months / 1,000 print hours, and the Bowden tube every 1-3 months / 500 print hours (5 min)