Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This guide gives suggested cleaning and maintenance schedules for your Markforged Desktop or Industrial printer.

Note that the maintenance intervals are averages, not minimums; always check your printer's components for wear and use your judgment about when to replace worn components.


International Translations

Click one of the links below to download the Preventive Maintenance Schedule as a printable PDF. Note that the international translations are periodically updated, but the most current version is the English-language original.


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Every Day

Clear debris from print bed, print chamber, and touchscreen

After each print run, wash print bed in sink

  • Use wet sponge to remove remaining glue

  • Do not use soap

  • Dry with paper towel or lint-free cloth

Check your consumables

  • Confirm that sufficient plastic and fiber material is loaded for next print

  • Check nozzles, tubes, and tube tips for wear

  • Material pathway should have as few bends as possible, with drybox positioned near printer inlet hole

Check bed level (5-20 min)

Ensure that the bearings underneath the Y-rail are properly tightened and clear of dust

If you notice a clicking noise coming from the left side of your printer, run the underextrusion troubleshooting utility


Short Term

Update all software: Settings → Update Manager

Desiccant pouches in your drybox should be thrown out and replaced every time you switch plastic spools

Check flexible tubes for wear, especially if using Onyx (5-10 min)

Check Industrial Series laser lens for smudges and debris, and clean if necessary using the included wipes

Confirm that the print nozzles are in working order (1 min)

  • First sign of plastic nozzle wear is degradation of print quality
  • Tip of fiber nozzle flattens/wears toward arrow features; if arrow touches lip of nozzle, replace nozzle
  • Heat and clean nozzles with tweezers and brass wire brush

Level bed and adjust nozzle every 2-4 prints and after dislocation, failed print, or maintenance (15 min)

If several days pass between prints, clear wet material from Bowden tube and extruder before printing

  • Menu → Utilities → Test Prints → Wet Plastic Purge Print (5-10 min) 

Check to see if fiber remains inside the Fiber Bowden Tube when the printer is inactive, as this is often an indication of a fiber nozzle jam. 

  • If automatic fiber jam detection is enabled, your print will pause to allow you to debug the fiber jam.

Long Term

Replace the plastic and fiber nozzles

  • Plastic nozzle: Replace every 3-6 months or 1,000 print hours (5 min) 
  • Fiber nozzle: Replace every 1-3 months or 500 print hours (1 min)

Check belt tension and adjust if necessary after changing any component of the motion system, and every 250 print hours (5 min)

  • Industrial: Tune belt to 82-84Hz; see support article
  • Desktop: Tune rear belt tension to 49Hz, front belt tension to 62Hz; see support article

Replace all Bowden and feed tubes

  • Replace the plastic Bowden and feed tubes approximately every 3-6 months or 1,000 print hours (5-10 min)
  • The fiber Bowden and feed tubes wear more quickly when printing carbon fiber — watch for thinning or sheared walls. Replace the fiber Bowden and feed tubes every 1-3 months / 500 print hours (5 min)

Industrial: Replace the print bed approximately every 1-3 months or 500 print hours (5-10 min)