XY Stepper Motor Replacement



  • 2.5mm hex key 

Your printer’s motion system operates via two stepper motors, one in each of the two leftmost corners of the gantry. Perform the procedure below to replace one of these motors.

Replacing a stepper motor is a process that requires finesse and small movements. Be careful not to break any wires or other components in the printer during this process.

Remove the XY Stepper Motor

Note: Take care not to discard any hardware you remove during this procedure, as you will need it during the reinstallation.

  1. Power off your printer. 
  2. Using the 2.5mm hex key, remove and set aside the four screws from the underside of the printer case shelf that connect it to the stepper motor in question.


  3. Lift the stepper motor up from the metal shim on which it sits.
  4. Remove the belt from around the pulley of the stepper motor.
  5. Disconnect all three 4-wire connectors that attach to the stepper motor.
    Note: You may need to use pliers to remove the power connectors. Be careful not to let the base of the extruder sever the wires.

    Note: Always grip the connector itself when removing it from the motor. Do not grip the wires themselves, which could potentially disconnect the wires from the connector, leading to errors and rendering the printer inoperable.
  6. Remove the XY stepper motor from your printer.

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Replace the XY Stepper Motor

  1. Secure the belt around the pulley of the new XY stepper motor. Ensure that the belt is not twisted along the rail.
  2. Attach the wider 4-wire connector to the port on the body of the XY stepper motor.
  3. Attach the two smaller 4-wire connectors to the respective ports on the XY stepper motor. Ensure that the colored wires are oriented as shown in the image below. 


  4. Place the new XY stepper motor on the metal shim so that the shim and motor are aligned with the screw holes in the printer case shelf.
  5. Using the 2.5mm hex key, thread the four screws into the bottom of the printer case shelf and up into the XY stepper motor.
  6. Tighten each screw until it is completely secure.
  7. Check the tension of the belt attached to the motor and adjust it if necessary. For more information about adjusting the belt tension, see Adjust Belt Tension.
  8. Power on your printer.
  9. Calibrate the stepper encoders (Menu > Utilities > Maintenance > Calibrate Encoders). For more information, see Calibrate Stepper Encoders.

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