Fiber Nozzle Replacement


  • 10mm torque wrench
  • Anti-Seize
  • Replacement fiber nozzle
  • Replacement PTFE tube


The fiber nozzle should be replaced approximately every 1-3 months or 500 print hours.

 Before you begin the process of replacing your fiber nozzle, please note that your printer has a built-in utility which will walk you through the replacement process step by step.


  1. Select the menu icon from the dashboard.

  2. Select the Utilities tile from the available options.

  3. Select the Maintenance tile from the available options. 

  4. Select the Replace Nozzles tile from the available options.

  5. Select the Replace Fiber Nozzle tile to begin the fiber nozzle replacement utility.

  6. If fiber is currently loaded into the printer, press Unload Fiber; otherwise, press Next.

  7. When prompted by the utility, use the 10mm torque wrench to remove the fiber nozzle from the print head.
    Note: Do not touch the nozzle with your hands, as it will be very hot.

  8. Press Next.

  9. Insert the PTFE tube into the replacement fiber nozzle.

  10. Apply a small amount of Anti-Seize to the end of the threads of the new fiber nozzle.
    Note: Be sure not to get any of the Anti-Seize inside the nozzle.

  11. When the nozzle is prepared, press Next.

  12. Select Cool Head.

  13. When the print head has finished cooling, press Next.
    Note: This process may take several minutes.

  14. Using the torque wrench, screw the new nozzle partway into the print head, then unscrew it and screw it in again; this helps disperse the Anti-Seize over all of the threads. Then, press Next.

  15. Once the fiber nozzle finishes heating, tighten the nozzle with the torque wrench until it clicks.
  16. Press Reload Fiber and follow the onscreen instructions, or press Skip to proceed without loading fiber.

  17. Press Adjust and follow the onscreen instructions to recalibrate the fiber nozzle height, or press Skip to proceed without doing so.
    Note: We recommend recalibrating the fiber nozzle height after replacing the fiber nozzle in order to prevent print quality issues. If you would prefer to calibrate fiber nozzle height at another time, see this article.

  18. If you skipped recalibrating the fiber nozzle height: Press Cool Down to cool the fiber nozzle, or press Done to exit the utility.


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