Safety First

Congratulations on your Desktop Series printer purchase!

Please take a moment to review the following use and safety guidelines.

The following notes indicate potential safety hazards that should be recognized when operating a Markforged Desktop Series 3D Printer.

Before beginning use, the printer must be plugged into a power outlet that is close to the printer and easily accessible. In case of an emergency, disconnect the printer immediately from the power outlet.

DANGER: Electric Shock

  • The printer has live electrical components that can cause serious injury or death. Do not open the bottom chamber of the printer. Please consult Markforged or an Authorized Dealer for service.
  • The printer shall only be installed in buildings where installation meets all required national and local wiring rules and building codes.
  • The printer relies on proper earthing of the plug for protective bonding. The printer may only be installed in a wall socket where integrity of the protective earth ground is ensured.
  • Using incorrect fuses can lead to potential electrocution. Only replace fuses with same type and rating as specified.
  • The printer must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet using a grounded power cord.


WARNING: Hot Surfaces

The print head generates high temperatures and may cause severe burns. Material extruded from the nozzles is extremely hot. Do not touch the print head or nozzles when at operating temperature. Do not reach into the build chamber while a part is printing. Keep all doors closed and guards in place while in operation.


CAUTION: Moving Parts

The printer has many moving parts including belts, pulleys, and lead screws. Moving parts can entangle and cut. Keep hands, loose clothing, and jewelry away from all moving parts. Keep all doors closed and guards in place while in operation.


CAUTION: Pinch Points

The moving printer gantry can trap and pinch hands or fingers, causing minor injury. Keep hands away from the moving gantry. Keep all doors closed and guards in place while in operation.


CAUTION: Sharp Edges

The scraper provided with the printer has very sharp edges and can cut fingers and hands. Always scrape away from hands and body. Rest the bed vertically on a sturdy level surface when removing a part. Always keep fingers and other body parts out of the path of the scraper.



  • Before any installation, maintenance, or repair, disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • The printer must be plugged into a power socket that is close to the machine and easily accessible. In case of emergency, disconnect the printer from the socket immediately.
  • The printer is designed to work only with Markforged proprietary materials and consumables. Use only materials that have been approved for use in the printer.
  • The printer melts thermoplastics and can emit odors during printing. Make sure to operate the printer in a well-ventilated area.


WARNING: Potential for Wireless Radio Interference

This equipment is compliant with Class A of EN55032. In a residential environment, this equipment may cause radio interference.