Safely Remove Printed Parts



  • Scraper from accessory kit


Remove Parts from Print Bed

WARNING: Always pry with the scraper in a direction away from your body. The part may separate from the bed quickly and unexpectedly. Failing to scrape away from your body may result in injury.

  1. Select Clear Bed on the touchscreen.
  2. Remove the print bed from the printer.
  3. Rest the print bed on the ground and securely brace it against your leg.
    Note: Make sure to stand such that the scraper cannot strike your feet even by accident.
  4. Maintain a low angle between the scraper and the print bed while you are removing your part. Scraping at a steeper angle may damage your print bed.
  5. To lift a part without damaging it, level your scraper against the bed with the edge touching one of the corners of the part, then push downward toward the center. Maintain pressure against the part until it dislodges and slides to the ground.


  6. If the glue has dried, you can run warm water over it to rehydrate. Do not immerse the print bed or part in water.

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