Unload Plastic




  • Wire cutters
  • Tape


Note that some images in this article feature the A3648 plastic extruder; for more information on different versions of the plastic extruder, see the A3016 and A3648 Plastic Extruders support article.


Note: This support article applies to composite printers running app version 2019-05-24 or later. If your printer's firmware has not yet been updated to this version, begin by applying a firmware update, or see here for more information on the legacy Unload Plastic utility.

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Unload Plastic

  1. Select the menu icon from the dashboard.

  2. Select the Materials tile from the menu options.

  3. Select the Unload Plastic tile to begin the utility.

  4. Press Next to continue when prompted.

  5. Push in the black push-to-connect fitting to release the plastic feed tube from the back of the extruder.
  6. Pull the feed tube from the push-to-connect fitting to expose the plastic material on the extruder inlet side.
  7. Use a pair of cutters to cut the exposed plastic at a 45° angle.

  8. Open the drybox and wind the cut plastic filament back onto the spool. Tape the loose end of the filament to the spool. Close the drybox.
  9. Unscrew and remove the Bowden tube from the front (outlet) of the extruder, then press Next to begin expelling the cut filament.

  10. Take hold of the cut plastic material and help direct it free from the plastic extruder.
  11. Press Stop on the printer’s touchscreen when the plastic has been completely unloaded from the extruder.

  12. Pull the plastic filament out of the Bowden tube.
  13. Reinstall the Bowden tube and feed tube to the plastic extruder, then press Next.

  14. Press Load Plastic to load a different spool; for more information, see this support article. Otherwise, press Skip.

  15. If you pressed Skip, select Yes to cool the print head or No to skip cooldown.

  16. Press Done to exit the routine.

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