Ribbon Cable Replacement - Desktop Series


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Removing the Axon cable

When removing the Axon cable from your printer, it is important to be sure to keep all other wires from being damaged. This process requires small movements and can lead to damage to your printer if care is not taken. Be sure to turn your printer off before doing any work with your Axon cable.

To remove the Axon cable from your Mark Two printer:

  1. Place the printer on a flat, stable surface that has enough room to move the printer as necessary.
  2. Turn the printer upside down so the bottom plate is facing up.
  3. Remove the 10 screws from the bottom plate and set them aside.

  4. Remove the bottom plate and set it aside.
  5. Remove the four screws and the corresponding lock washers and set them aside.

  6. Remove the fan shield and screen and set them aside.
  7. With the printer still upside down, remove the fourteen screws (indicated below) from the back plate of the printer and set them aside.

  8. Tilt the printer backwards and move the wire cover up away from the top of the printer to loosen it.

  9. Find the place where the Axon cable is adhered to the back wall of the printer and peel the cable free of the adhesive.
    Note: Leave the adhesive on the printer, if possible. You will need it when installing the new cable.
  10. Push the back plate away from the printer to create a small gap between the back and the bottom of the printer.

  11. Move the Axon cable through the new gap towards the opening for the fan.

  12. Feed the Axon cable through the fan opening into the printer and remove it.

For instructions on installing a new Axon cable into your printer, please continue to "Reinstalling the Axon cable" below.

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Installing the New Axon cable

To reinstall the Axon cable to your Mark Two printer:

  1. Using the old cable as a reference, bend the new cable at exactly the position along the length of the cable.
  2. Slide the new Axon cable into position so it sits where the old cable did.

  3. Stick the new cable to the adhesive that is left from the old cable.
  4. Slide the cable cover back into place in the printer.

  5. Plug the clip on the new Axon cable into the port on the motherboard.

  6. Replace the fan shield and screen and the four bolts that hold them in place.

  7. Ensure all parts of the printer are properly aligned and replace the fourteen screws from the back plate.

  8. Replace the bottom plate of the printer and the ten screws that hold it in place.

  9. Turn your printer over and clip the Axon cable into the print head.

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