Tensioner Assembly Replacement




Remove the Tensioner Assembly from the Belt

You will need the following tools to remove the pulley:

    • 3mm Allen driver
    • 2.5mm Allen driver

To remove the pulley from your printer:


1. Use a 3mm Allen driver to loosen the belt's tensioner by turning it 3-4 full rotations.


2. Use a 2.5mm Allen driver to loosen and remove the two screws that hold the tensioner in place.

3. Using the Allen driver, push the shaft pin through the pulley and remove the pulley from the belt.


4. When you remove the pin and pulley, you will have 5 separate pieces.

  1. 1x Pin
  2. 1x Pulley (with old bearings still installed)
  3. 2x concave washers
  4. 1 tensioner assembly

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Reinstall the Tensioner Assembly

Note: Reinstalling the two washers upside-down can damage the system. Make sure to align the two washers with the concave (depressed) end facing the pulley.

You will need the following tools to reinstall the pulley:

    • 2.5mm Allen Driver

To reinstall the pulley: 

1. Align the two washers (with the concave ends facing the pulley) and then wrap the belt around the pulley. Then insert the pulley (with the washers still in place) into the tensioner assembly.


2. After lining the washers up to ensure the center hole is clear, push the shaft pin through the hole with your finger, ensuring that the same length of the pin protrudes equally on both sides of the pulley.


3. After the pulley is successfully installed, ensure that the rest of the belt is properly routed through the idler pulleys located in the Y Axis rail.


4. Secure the tensioner assembly by reinstalling the remaining two screws.