Bed Level Test Print




Running the Bed Level Test Print

An out-of-level print bed can cause even simple prints to fail. If you are unsure about how level your print bed is, you can run the Bed Level Test Print. If the part comes out clear or transparent, then your bed is correctly leveled. If parts of the test print are white or uneven, then your bed needs to be leveled. For more information, please see Level the Print Bed.

To run the Bed Level Test Print:

  1. Apply glue to your print bed as shown in the picture below and place your print bed into your printer.

  2. Press the menu button in the upper right corner of your printer's LCD touchscreen.

  3. Select the "Utilities" tile from the available options.

  4. Select the "Test Prints" tile from the available options.

  5. Select the "Bed Level Test Print" tile.

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Evaluate the Test Print

Evaluate your Bed Level Test Print disks to see if you bed needs to be adjusted. Compare the following images to the results of your print.

  • Uniform and Solid: Well-Leveled
  • Stringy material or the lines don't connect completely to the outer circle: Bed Low
  • Flattened or overly pressed down: Bed High
  • Inconsistently or not entirely laid down: Bed Very High

If any of your bed level disks indicate a high or low nozzle, complete the following steps and then re-evaluate your results:

  1. Remove the print bed from the printer and use the provided scraper to peel the disks off the print bed.
  2. Use warm water to clean the glue off your print bed.
  3. Reapply glue to the print bed in the same spots as before.
  4. Run the "Level Print Bed" utility again but do not loosen the thumb screws under the print bed when prompted too. Base your adjustments off of the results of the Bed Level Test Print.

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