Tough Nylon




General Information

MarkForged Tough Nylon is the standard plastic material that makes up most of any print done on a MarkForged printer.

Tough Nylon is used as a casing for the fiber that is embedded in a part. The outer shell of a part, the inner fill, and any supports in a print are all made up of Nylon.

The following is useful information regarding printing with Tough Nylon:

  • Nylon is currently available for the Mark Two and Mark X.
  • Nylon must be stored in a dry, airtight environment at all times.

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Material Specifications

The following chart outlines the product specifications for Tough Nylon:

Property Test Standard Nylon
Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM D638 54
Tensile Modulus (GPa) ASTM D638 0.94
Tensile Strain at Break (%) ASTM D638 260
Flexural Strength (MPa) ASTM D790* 32
Flexural Modulus (GPa) ASTM D790* 0.84
Flexural Strain at Break (%) ASTM D790* N/A**
Heat Deflection Temperature (°Celcius) ASTM D648
Method B
Density (g/cm^3) N/A 1.10

*Measured by a method similar to ASTM D790
**Flexural Strain at Break is not available because nylon does not break before the test ends.

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