Checking Electronics Connections


Markforged products contain high voltage and other hazards. Do not remove any panels or protective guards without appropriate technical training and experience necessary to minimize the risks to yourself and others. If you do not feel comfortable accessing service areas of your Markforged product, please contact your Reseller.

Preparing the Printer for Inspection

It may sometimes be necessary to verify that connections between the printer's circuit boards are firm and secure. Before you can start checking connections, your printer must be properly prepared.

Note: Take care not to discard any hardware you remove during this procedure, as you may need it during the reinstallation.

  1. Completely unload print material.
  2. Power off and unplug the printer.
  3. Remove and set aside the Wi-Fi antenna / Ethernet cable.
  4. Disconnect the feed tube from the plastic extruder. Remove it from the printer and set it aside.
  5. Remove and set aside the print bed and any fiber spools.
  6. Tape the lid and visor of the printer closed to prevent them from accidentally opening.
  7. Carefully turn the printer upside down so the bottom is facing up.
  8. Remove and set aside the screws that hold the bottom panel in place: 10 screws for Desktop Series printers and 12 screws for Industrial Series printers.
    Note: The metal cover over the BeagleBone may vary; the boards themselves are identical.
  9. Remove and set aside the bottom panel.

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Verifying the Connections to the BeagleBone and Motherboard

When verifying the connections in your printer, please refer to the following images for part names and locations:



Industrial Components


Desktop Components


  1. Disconnect all of the cables on the left and right sides of the BeagleBone with the exception of the grey cable. Disconnect the grey cable from the green motherboard but leave it connected to the BeagleBone.
  2. Pull up on the BeagleBone case to remove it from the touchscreen. Note that this connection is very high friction; if necessary, gently rock the BeagleBone left and right to loosen it.
    Note: You should be left with only the touchscreen attached to the printer frame.
  3. Turn the BeagleBone over and inspect the connection between the grey wire and the BeagleBone. Ensure that it is properly secured.
  4. If the grey wire is connected properly, replace the BeagleBone back on the board and secure it to the prongs on the touchscreen.
    Note: Ensure that the USB port on the BeagleBone faces toward the USB hub.
  5. Reattach all of the cables to the BeagleBone including the grey wire to the motherboard. Verify that all motherboard connections are tight and secure.

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Verifying the USB Connections

  1. Verify that the connection from the USB hub to the BeagleBone is secure.
  2. Verify that the connection from the bottom of the USB hub is secure.
  3. If there is a connection between the USB hub and the motherboard, verify that it is secure at both ends.
  4. If there is a USB cable attached to the motherboard, verify that it is secure at both ends.

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Cleaning Up

  1. Replace the bottom panel and reinstall the previously removed screws. 
  2. Carefully turn the printer upright and place it back into its operating location.
  3. Remove and discard the tape holding the lid and visor shut.
  4. Reinstall the print bed.
  5. Reconnect the plastic feed tube to the plastic extruder.
  6. Reinstall the Wi-Fi antenna / Ethernet cable.
  7. Plug in and power on the printer.
  8. Load print material.

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