Touch Screen Replacement




  • 2mm hex driver
  • Phillips #1 driver


Removing the Printer Touch Screen

It may be necessary to replace the printer touch screen if it is damaged or experiences a failure.

To remove the LCD touch screen on your Mark Two printer:

  1. Power off and unplug the printer.
  2. Unload and remove all plastic and fiber print material from the printer, and remove the print bed.
  3. Tape the lid and front shield of the printer closed to prevent them from accidentally opening.
  4. Carefully turn the printer upside down so the bottom is facing up and the rear of the printer is facing you.
  5. Use the Phillips driver to remove the ten (10) screws that hold the bottom panel in place.
  6. The touch screen and BeagleBone are located at the center of the front face of the printer -- furthest away from you. The motherboard is located near the rear face of the printer, closest to you.
    Note: The metal cover over the BeagleBone may be black, silver, or orange; the color has no bearing on these instructions.
  7. Disconnect all of the cables on the left and right sides of the BeagleBone, with the exception of the gray cable. Disconnect the gray cable from the motherboard rather than from the BeagleBone.
  8. Use the 2mm hex driver to remove the 4 black screws securing the BeagleBone/touchscreen assembly to the printer casing and put them aside. The two screws connecting the screen directly to the printer have attached plastic spacers atop the touchscreen; the two screws that secure the BeagleBone to the touchscreen have no such spacers.
  9. Carefully remove the BeagleBone/touchscreen assembly from your printer. All four screws have additional spacers between the touchscreen and the printer casing.
  10. Pull the BeagleBone case away from the prongs that secure it to the touchscreen. If necessary gently rock the BeagleBone left and right to loosen it.

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Replacing the Printer Touch Screen

To replace the LCD touch screen on your Mark Two printer:

  1. Carefully secure the BeagleBone to the prongs on the replacement touchscreen.
  2. Line up the four white spacers with the holes around the touch screen opening in the printer casing. Keeping the grey cable out of the way, carefully seat the replacement touchscreen into its opening, aligning the holes on the board with the holes in the printer casing. Note: Ensure that the USB port on the BeagleBone is facing to the right, and the BeagleBone's remaining three ports face left.
  3. Secure the replacement screen to the printer casing with the four black screws from the original screen, making sure they pass through the four spacers between the screen and the printer casing. The two screws with attached spacers pass through the screen only (bottom-left and top-right holes); the other two screws secure the BeagleBone case to the touchscreen, and in turn secure the screen to the printer casing.
    Note: To avoid damaging the touchscreen, do not over tighten the screws. Hand tighten only until the screws are snug against the touchscreen board.
  4. Re-attach all five (5) cables.
  5. Replace the bottom panel and securely fasten it using the ten (10) Phillips screws you removed earlier.
  6. Turn your printer over, plug it in, and power it up to confirm that the BeagleBone/touchscreen assembly is working properly.

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