Installing Fiber Spool Tensioner




Fiber spools have a tendency to unwind if not held in place. Take care to not allow the fiber to unspool any time that the spool is un-taped but not fully installed in the machine.



Removing Fiber from Printer

Before you adjust or install the fiber spool tensioner, you will have to remove the fiber from your printer.

To remove fiber from your Mark Two printer:

  1. Press the menu button in the upper right corner of the LCD screen on your printer.
  2. Select "Load/Unload" from the menu options.
  3. Select "Unload Fiber" from the menu options to run the unload fiber routine.
  4. Press "Next" on the screen to disable the fiber extruder.
  5. Using a piece of tape, secure the fiber to the inside wall of the fiber spool at the point where the fiber comes off of the spool and enters the Fiber Feed Tube
  6. Clip the fiber just below the end of the Fiber Feed Tube.
  7. Grasp the cut end of fiber below the Fiber Feed Tube. Pull it free of the printer, and discard.
  8. Press "Done" on the LCD screen of your printer.

Note: Do NOT attempt to respool fiber from the printer back on to the fiber spool. This will result in damage to the fiber that will render it unusable in your printer.

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Installing the Fiber Spool Tensioner

The spool tensioners prevent the fiber from unspooling after installation. Two spool tensioners should be installed before printing with fiber.

Before beginning this process, if fiber is currently loaded please unload it.

To install the spool tensioners:

  1. Remove the fiber spool from the machine.
  2. Loosen the spool holder bolt on the rear of the machine approximately one full turn.
    Note: You will need to hold the spool holder while doing this. The spool holder does not need to be fully removed to install the tensioner.

  3. Slide the first spool tensioner behind the spool holder so that the notch in the tensioner sits on the axle of the spool holder. Make sure the middle section of the tensioner sits flush with the wall of the printer and the end pieces are bent away from the wall of the printer.

  4. Slide the second spool tensioner behind the spool holder in the same way as the previous one.
  5. Orient the spool tensioners so they are perpendicular to each other and form an X shape.
  6. Carefully retighten the screw in the back of the printer.
    Note: Be careful that the spool tensioners do not move while you tighten the screw or you will have to loosen the screw and adjust them again.

With the Fiber Spool Tensioner in place, please see the instructions for Reinstalling the Fiber Spool, below

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Reinstall Fiber Spool:

To reinstall the fiber spool on your Mark Two printer

  1. Unspool approximately 1 meter (3 feet) of material and re-tape the line to the side of the spool.
    Note: Be careful not to let go of the line until it is re-taped.
  2. Set the spool in a convenient location and run the load fiber routine. Ensure that the fiber can be pulled into the machine.
  3. Complete the load fiber routine.
  4. Roll any excess line back onto the spool and install the spool and magnetic clasp.
    Note: Once the magnetic clasp is installed the tape is no longer needed to prevent unspooling.

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