Part Warping


  • The parts I'm printing peel or warp off of the print bed.


Parts Peeling off Print Bed

If you are experiencing parts that peel up off of the print bed during printing, there are several factors that may be contributing to the issue. Peeling parts can lead to dislocation errors or damage to your printer.

If your part is peeling off the bed, try the following tasks and solutions:

  1. Task: Check the bed levelness and print the bed level test part.
    Reason for Failure: If your bed is too high or is not level, parts will not extrude properly and may peel. The first layer of your part should have a height of 0.1mm.
    Solution: Level the print bed again and reprint the test part. Make sure the first layer of your test part has a height of 0.1mm. If the height is less than 0.1mm, you will have to level the bed again with less pressure on the shims.

  2. Task: Check the part under the microscope. Look to see if the lines of extruded plastic are touching at the sides.
    Reason for Failure: When plastic is wet it will generally underextrude. This results in each string of plastic being too thin and keeps the layers from bonding together or to the print bed.
    Solution: Keep your plastic in a dry box at all times. Purge your printer of the plastic that is currently in the Bowden tube. If the plastic is still underextruding, you may need to replace the entire spool.

  3. Task: Check that there is glue under the entire base of the part.
    Reason for Failure: The glue is what keeps the first layer secured to the print bed. Not having glue under the corners or edges of the part will likely result in peeling or warping.
    Solution: Remove the failed part, clean your print bed, and reglue your print bed. Wait for the glue to be dry to the touch and rerun the print.

Other Strategies - If the above all fail, this problem may also be solved by adding fiber to a few layers at the bottom of your part, or by printing only one part at a time.

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Examples of Peeling Parts

Peeling at corners


Parts peeling at edges and corners


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