Fiber Bowden Tube Replacement



Do not remove the PTFE (plastic part) from the metal inserts on the extruder. Replacement Fiber Bowden Tubes are shipped as an assembly with the metal tube already on it. Removal of the tube from the metal insert will require a full Bowden Tube replacement. 



Removing the Fiber Bowden Tube

To remove the Fiber Bowden Tube from your Mark Two printer:

  1. Undo the fiber tube nut at the print head and remove the fiber tube from the print head.  Let it hang freely.

  2. Use the supplied 2mm Allen wrench to slightly unscrew the top left set screw on the fiber extruder.
    Note: Do not unscrew the set screw all the way. It should require not more than one full turn to loosen

  3. Remove the Fiber Bowden Tube and metal insert from the extruder.

  4. Carefully remove the old Fiber Bowden Tube assembly and unthread it from the energy chain.
    Note: The energy chain is the black chain that holds the tubes that run to the print head. If the Bowden Tube feels stuck, try wiggling it around or using a pair of pliers to help push it. You should not need to use more than minimal force to remove the tube.

To replace the Fiber Bowden Tube, please see "Replacing the Fiber Bowden Tube", below.

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Replacing the Fiber Bowden Tube

To replace the Fiber Bowden Tube on your Mark Two printer:

  1. Thread the metal-tube-end of the new Fiber Bowden Tube assembly from the print head, through the energy chain, to the extruder. Make sure that the fiber tube is run along the inside path (towards the center of printer), and that it does not wrap around or tangle with the nylon (plastic) filament tube.  The Fiber Bowden Tube location should be visible through the holes in the energy chain to verify the tube's path.
    Note: If the Bowden Tube seems to get stuck during this process, try wiggling it around or using a pair of pliers to help push it.
  2. Slide the metal tube-end carefully into the hole in the side of the extruder.

  3. Use the provided Allen wrench to tighten the Fiber Bowden Tube set screw.
    Note: Be sure that the tube stays in place while you are tightening the set screw. Be careful not to overtighten the set screw or the tube may be crushed.

  4. Insert the Fiber Bowden Tube into the print head and tighten the nut.

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