Changing Your Organization's Administrator

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Software support articles.


Changing Your Organization's Administrator


Note: Changing your organization's administrator can only be done by the current Administrator and each organization can have only one Administrator.

MarkForged will not change the administrator account for you. If an administrator is no longer with your organization, please work with your IT team to recover that user's email address and reset the user's Eiger password

Go to the menu bar in Eiger and select “Settings”


Once in the settings page, on the left select “Organization”



On the following screen, select “Transfer Ownership”.


After selecting “Transfer Ownership” the next page will allow you to change the organization’s owner.

Enter your current password

Select the user from the drop-down list of users

Select “Transfer”

The user you selected will be notified and invited to be the new owner.