Print Queueing

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Software support articles.



To make printer management easier, you can now save prints in your organization's Print Queue in Eiger. From the print queue page in Eiger you can now print to any printer in your organization. In addition, you can now use the touchscreen on a printer to select a print from your organization's queue and begin printing!

To access the print queue, click on the new queue icon in the header.


On the Print page, select Add to Queue from the printer dropdown list to add a print to the end of your organization's queue.


Use the Queue button from the print queue or print history to requeue a print. Use the Cancel button to remove a print from the queue.


Click and drag any print in the queue to move it higher (sooner) or lower (later).


Use the Print button to print from the queue to an available printer. This will remove the print from the queue and start printing it immediately.


Using the Print Queue From a Mark One

Your Mark One must be connected to the internet to use the Print Queue.


Start by clicking View Queue. This will bring you to the Print Queue menu. 


You can navigate through the prints in your organization's queue by using the Left and Right buttons. Select a print from the queue by pressing the Print button. 


If a print in the queue uses a different material (say, Carbon Fiber) than the material loaded in your printer (say Kevlar) then the queue manager will warn you:


If a print in the queue has been canceled or has already been printed on another Mark One then the queue manager will show you an error: 


You can also access the Print Queue after a print has finished or has been canceled: