Boxing Instructions for shipment in Pelican Case

Please follow these instructions carefully. Improper packing can damage your printer aesthetically and mechanically. MarkForged is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing.


Packing preparation 

  1. Unload Nylon and Fiber materials. 
  2. Remove the PTFE tube connecting the Nylon Dry Box to the Mark One. The "Push-to-Connect" fittings at the Dry Box and Nylon extruder input can be released by pushing in the ring (orange on box, black on extruder) and lightly pulling the PTFE tube out.



  3. Use the provided Red Plug from your accessory kit to seal the drybox.
  4. Use provided zip tie to constrain print head to bed platform. (if the machine is off, you can manually raise the build platform)

  5. Remove Purge Canister (if installed)
  6. Remove Print bed
  7. Remove WiFi antenna (if installed)
  8. Remove any USB drives or Cables from the back

It is not necessary to ship the power supply, print bed or any materials back with your printer. 


Packing into the provided Pelican Case

  1. Place the provided tissue paper or bubble wrap in between the the visor and top band of the machine as shown in the picture.
  2. Remove the top 2-3 layers of foam from the Pelican Case. Take note in the order that the layers are removed.
  3. Place your Mark One into the Pelican Case with the BACK of the machine facing the bottom (floor) of the case as shown in the picture below.
  4. Slide the foam layers back over the Mark One one-by-one. Please note the slight bevel and size difference between layers – they should be put back in the order in which they were removed.
  5. Close lid and make sure all latches are fully closed.


Once your Mark One is packed, it should look like this: