Reporting Eiger Errors

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Troubleshooting support articles.


If you encounter a bug or error in Eiger please let us know about it. When reporting bugs more information is better than less. 


We record all errors that occur in Eiger so that we can triage and then debug them. Sometimes, however, situations occur in which we are unable to log the error or insufficient information to identify and fix the has been recorded about the error.  In these cases we ask that you attempt to recreate the error and record the necessary information for us. 


We need to open up the Chrome Developers Console. To do that either follow the instructions here: or follow along with the guide.



1. Right click and select 'Inspect Element'

This will open up the 'Element Inspection' panel. We're looking for the Console panel. 


2. Click on the 'Console' tab. This will open up the console and show us all of the errors. Take screenshots of these errors and include them in the support ticket submission. 



3. On the left hand side of the URL input there is a lock. If this lock looks like anything aside from this: 

 Then you should proceed to steps 4 and 5. 



4. Click on the lock and screenshot the first menu (Permissions) that pops down. 




5. Click on the other menu (Connection) and screenshot that as well. 


Sometimes if you are behind a firewall or have additional security installed on your network it will terminate our encryption and then use its own between your computer and the network interface. This will cause Chrome to reject certain traffic because the encryption signature does not match the one provided by the Certificate Authority. 


Once you have that information please include it as well in the the support ticket.