Choosing Which Composite Fiber To Use

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.



Kevlar has the best abrasion resistance and is our most flexible material. For when you need parts that are durable and resistant to impact.


  • Stronger than plastic
  • Durable under repetitive strain/flexing
  • Impact resistant


  •  Not as strong or stiff as other composite fibers



Fiberglass is the most cost-effective material. It's a strong as Carbon Fiber, but 40% as stiff, and 2X the weight. Suited to everyday applications where you need strong parts.


  • Much stronger than plastic, comparable to Carbon Fiber
  • Much stiffer than Kevlar


  • Heavier than Carbon Fiber for the same strength
  • 40% as stiff as Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has the highest strength to weight as well as the highest thermal conductivity. Perfect for applications requiring the greatest possible stiffness and strength.


  • Strongest and stiffest material