My Print Failed

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Troubleshooting support articles.


Occasionally your prints may fail. Don't panic! If your printer is catastrophically out of order, contact support. Otherwise, here's what to do:

  1. Clear, thoroughly rinse, and reglue your print bed: Clearing the Print Bed, Preparing the Print Bed.
  2. Run the Calibration Extrude Test from the Utilities menu as detailed here: Low Plastic Extrusion.

    Run the calibration extrude test at least three times.

    If you hear the extruder clicking or plastic weight is low all three times, you are likely underextruding plastic. This is often caused by wet nylon, which will make your parts look like this: Strings or Lumps on Outside of Part. If replacing your nylon does not help, try replacing your plastic nozzle: Plastic Nozzle Replacement.

  3. If you are printing fiber, run the Load Fiber routine from the touchscreen, even if fiber is already loaded: Loading Composite Filament.

    Make sure that the fiber comes out of the nozzle in a single strand and the fiber tube is clear of stray fiber pieces.

    If fiber feeds all the way through the fiber tube but does not come out of the nozzle, either your fiber tube or fiber nozzle is jammed. First, try clearing the fiber tube: No Fiber Coming From Nozzle. If you still cannot load fiber through the nozzle, replace your fiber nozzle: Fiber Nozzle Replacement.

  4. Run the bed level routine: Level the Print Bed.

    Be sure to go all the way through the routine to adjust the fiber nozzle height properly in addition to the plastic nozzle. Unleveled bed and incorrect fiber nozzle height are the two leading causes of print failures.

  5. Check your print settings.

    If your part has any overhangs, make sure Supports are ON in your part settings: Using Supports. This will prevent printing over thin air, a common cause of failure.

    If you are printing fiber, make sure the correct type of fiber is selected from the dropdown: Adding Fiber.

  6. If you follow the above steps and your part still fails to print, please Contact Support.