Printing Flat Parts - (Tooling and Fixtures)

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


Sandwich panel construction is a great way to achieve flatness in parts, tooling, and fixtures.  

  • This tooling is used as a bending fixture for a brass tube in a french horn. It guides a precise bend in the X,Y and Z direction. 
  • Note the rectangular coring out of the part saves print time / material cost.
  • Note the automatic fiber routing to reinforce the top and bottom layers of the fixture.




Internal View 


  • Clicking "Internal View" lets you see the fiber layout in the part.  
  • Note automatic sandwich panel construction.


Reinforcing the bend loading path


  • The middle section of the part resists the bend forces of the tube.
  • Fiber has been manually added to the middle section of the part to promote shape integrity during the bend process.  



2D Editing View - Adding Fiber 


  • Enter the 2D view (clicking the toggle box in the upper right corner)
  • Using the layer bar or the left and right arrow keys select the middle of the part
  • Toggle the fiber button on (or use hotkey F).  Wait momentarily for the layout.  
  • Scroll to the next layer (arrow keys) if you want to add more fiber.  
    • Note, if you click the fiber toggle button, you must click outside the editing window, back on the main window, to use the arrow key to scroll between layers.