Loading Composite Filament


Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.



Caution: The Fiber is spooled under tension. If you un-tape the fiber and let go the fiber will unspool itself and cannot be re-spooled by hand.  Always pinch the fiber agains the spool, and tape in place to prevent unwinding.

Caution: Do not press the "Cut" button until the fiber has exited the nozzle. Failure to do so will cause a fiber jam.



  1. Remove the fiber spool from its packaging.
  2. Lay the spool down on a flat surface.

  3. Gently grip the free end of the fiber with one hand and then remove, but do not discard, the small piece of tape securing the free end of the fiber with the other hand.
  4. Gently unspool 2-3 feet of fiber
  5. Re-secure the fiber to the side of the spool with the tape to prevent fiber from unspooling further.  
  6. Place the fiber spool inside of the Mark One as shown and remove the spool holder cap.
  7. Grip the free end of the fiber with your right hand and the fiber inlet tube with your other. Thread the tip of the fiber into the tube and then hand feed it in until most of the unspooled fiber is in the tube. Be careful not to kink or bend the fiber. If it breaks you will have to remove the broken fiber and start this step over.  
  8. Place the spool on the spool holder and then re-secure it with the spool holder cap. Make sure that the fiber spool is loaded such that the spool unspools clockwise into the machine. 
  9. On the printer touchscreen, click the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner, and select “Load/Unload”, then “Load Fiber”. 
  10. The printer will prompt you to prepare the spool as instructed above.  Once this is complete, press “Continue” on the printer touchscreen.
  11. You will hear the fiber extruder start moving. Hand feed the fiber until it enters the back of the fiber extruder. There is a slight lip on the inlet to the fiber extruder - if the fiber gets caught on this lip gently jiggle it until it get inside. Be careful not to use too much force or you will break or kink the fiber and have to start over. 
  12. Once the fiber is in the extruder you will feel a slight tug on the fiber. The fiber extruder now has a grip on the fiber. Remove the tape that is securing the fiber to the spool so the extruder can unspool the fiber and then stick the tape back on the side of the spool.  
  13. The fiber will go through the extruder and out the other side. Wait until you have visual confirmation that the fiber has exited to proceed. If not, there may be a jam inside the extruder. Click "Next" when the fiber has exited. 

  14. The fiber will work its way through the fiber bowden tube and out the nozzle. Wait until the fiber has exited the fiber nozzle to press the "Cut" button. Do not press the cut button before this has happened or you will create a fiber jam. When you press the "Cut" button the machine will stop extruding and you will hear the cutter servo actuate. 
  15. Grip the fiber hanging from the nozzle with your hand and pull it from the machine. You should pull out about a 2.5' segment of fiber. This is normal. The machine has just calibrated its fiber extrusion system. You may discard this strand of fiber.
  16. Press “Done” on the printer touchscreen when finished.  Fiber is now loaded and ready to print.