Loading Nylon Filament

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


Re-loading:  Removing leftover filament


If this is your first time loading material skip to "Loading Nylon Filament" below

When loading plastic after the previous spool has run out, you will need to remove the fragment of plastic that remains in the line between the extruder motor and the print head.

  1. Run the 'Unload Nylon' routine from the 'Load/Unload Material' menu.
  2. When the print head has heated, you will be prompted to "ensure the bowden tube is clear".  Do this by removing the thumbscrew on the outlet of the plastic extruder (unscrew the knurled part counter-clockwise)

  3. Pull out the 24" plastic fragment that is left in the tube. The tip at the other end of the plastic line will be hot. Be careful to not let it contact your skin. 

  4. Insert the nut back into the plastic extruder and re-tighten the thumbscrew. You are now ready to continue the load plastic routine.


Loading Nylon Filament

  1. Make sure the Dry Box is correctly setup. If you have not setup the Dry Box and plastic tube, please read the Unboxing and Assembly instructions here.
  2. Discard empty spool and old desiccant pouch from filament drybox.  
  3. Remove the new spool from its packaging, and place desiccant pouch in the corner of the dry box. 


    It should NOT be necessary to add more than one desiccant pouch to the dry box. Be sure to throw older desiccant packs away when changing spools, as they will likely introduce moisture into the dry box environment, rather than removing it.

  4. Place new spool on drybox idler.

  5. Attach magnetic retention cap.

  6. Place the spool with idler in the drybox.  The metal idler shaft should rest in the sheet-metal V-Grooves.  The plastic filament should exit off the top of the spool, straight into the brass feed guide.

    Quick Tip

    The plastic spool is wound under tension. Always hold the plastic against the spool to prevent unwinding during the loading routine. Do not allow the spool to uncoil.

  7. Spool some nylon off of the spool and into the Filament Feed Tube such that it is poking out of the other end. 

    Make sure the Nylon Dry Box Remains CLOSED and LATCHED at all times except when quickly loading or replacing filament.

  8. On the printer touchscreen, click the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner, and select “Load/Unload Material” and then select “Load Nylon”.  
  9. The print head will now heat up.  Once the printer has reached the correct temperature the “Next” button will appear; press it to continue.The plastic extruder will start to move. Either:
    • Take the tip of the nylon filament that is poking out of the Filament Feed Tube and insert it into the back of the plastic extruder (shown). 
    • Or Push the plastic through the tube from the dry box and into the back of the extruder.  

  10. The extruder will grab hold of the filament and begin to pull it through the nylon bowden tube. You should see it exit the other side of the extruder (shown below).  It will take a minute to load down the entire path. 

  11. Once the nylon has made its way through the tube and into the print head, plastic will start to extrude from the printhead nozzle.
  12. Allow 3" or more of material to extrude out, then press “Stop” on the printer touchscreen.

  13. If the routine times out before plastic makes it to the nozzle, simply restart the nylon loading procedure. 
  14. The new filament is now loaded. Using the tweezers provided, clean the extruded filament from the nozzle.


    Nozzle will be hot; use caution when clearing extruded filament

  15. Press “Done” on the printer touchscreen to continue. Plastic filament is now loaded and ready to print.