Fiber Extruder Removal & Reinstallation

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


  1. Insert the supplied Allen wrench tool (from the accessory kit) into the Allen key slot to access the metal tube set screw.  Unscrew the Allen head screw counter clock-wise, just enough (half to 1 turn) to release the insert.  DO NOT unscrew the Allen head screw all the way.

  2. Remove the metal tube insert from the fiber/composite extruder.

  3. Take hold of the fiber (carbon fiber is pictured below) and pull it free from the plastic fiber filament feed tube.

  4. Turn the fiber spool counter clock-wise to remove the fiber from the plastic fiber filament feed tube, and return it to its spool.  Tape the end of the fiber to the spool to prevent the fiber from unwinding/unspooling.

  5. Push in the black Push-To-Connect fitting (circled in red below) to release the plastic nylon filament feed tube.

  6. Pull the plastic tube from the Push-To-Connect fitting to expose the nylon material.

  7. Using a pair of cutters, cut the nylon material.

  8. Using the LCD touch screen, select the menu in the upper right corner and select "Load / Unload Material".

  9. Select "Unload Nylon".

  10. The nylon nozzle will heat up.  Once the heat up is complete, the “Next” button will appear - press it to continue.

  11. The printer will now purge the unused nylon filament from the system, by pushing it back out of the nylon extruder.  Take hold of the cut nylon material and help direct it free from the nylon extruder.  When it stops coming out, press “Stop” on the printer touch screen.

  12. Unscrew the nylon thumbscrew from the front of the nylon extruder.

  13. Pull the plastic feed tube out of the nylon extruder and let it hang freely out of the way.  This will allow for easier removal of the fiber extruder.

  14. Disconnect the 3-wire power connector from the fiber extruder.

  15. Using the Allen head tool (from the accessory kit), unscrew the four Allen head screws which secure the fiber extruder to the printer chassis.

  16. Using the small screw driver that came in your accessory kit, carefully remove the 4-wire connector from the side of the fiber extruder.  Move the screw driver from one side of the connector to the other, carefully wiggling the connector free.  DO NOT pull on the four wires to remove the connector.  This can potentially strip the wires free from the Molex connector and damage the wires and connector.

  17. Remove the fiber extruder.  Pull free the plastic fiber entry tube.  Please note the plastic fiber entry tube's path/location for easier installation of the new fiber extruder.

  18. Install the new fiber extruder using the reverse procedure above.

  19. Note the path/direction of the plastic fiber filament feed tube (indicated by red arrows below) as you install it.  Make sure that the plastic fiber filament feed tube circles around behind the rear corner stepper motor.

  20. Fish the plastic tube through the hole in the corner of the printer.  Once through the hole, the plastic fiber filament feed tube should be positioned in the corner of the printer, as shown below, for easy fiber loading.

  21. Load both the nylon and fiber composite materials (see "Loading Nylon Filament" & "Loading Composite Filament" in the Getting Started section).