Setting Up Materials

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


Set up nylon drybox and install Filament Feed Tube



Make sure the Nylon Dry Box Remains CLOSED and LATCHED at all times except when quickly loading or replacing filament. Do NOT leave Nylon spool exposed to atmosphere.



Install Filament Feed Tube to the Mark One.

  1. Install clear plastic Filament Feed Tube into brass fitting in the black drybox case.

  2. Insert the other end of the Filament Feed Tube into the opening in the back of the Mark One.

  3. Insert the Filament Feed Tube into the Push-To-Connect fitting at the rear of the Plastic Extruder, and push firmly to secure it.

  4. Gently tug the Feed Tube to make sure that is properly seated in the Extruder fitting. 


NOTE: Installation and Removal of Filament Feed Tube Into Drybox

To remove the Filament Feed Tube from the Drybox fitting push the orange fitting into the brass piece to unlock it and then pull the filament feed tube out from the fitting. It should come out with out any struggle. If it won't come out check to make sure the fitting is unlocked. 

If you need to unload plastic from your printer for traveling or moving locations, or otherwise disconnect the dry box, make sure to USE THE PROVIDED RED PLUG TO SEAL THE DRY BOX. Failure to do so will damage your nylon and can lead to damaged parts if re-used.