Removing A Print From The Print Bed

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


Removing parts the size of your fist.

  1. Remove the print bed from the machine before scraping your part off.  Scraping the part in the machine can change the bed level.
  2. Use the bed scraper included in your Accessory Kit to pry the print off of the bed.
  3. Rest the print bed on a table, long side down, to support the bottom of the bed (the table is less fragile than using your hand, in the event of over-travel).
  4. Scrape the print bed at a shallow angle so as to avoid digging the edge of the scraper into the print bed and artificially shortening the life of your bed.


Large, fiber-filled parts.

  1. Larger, stiff parts can be worked off by prying up around all sides.
  2. Use a shallow angle.  
  3. Try manipulating the corner of the scraper under the part first (forward pushing), then follow up by pressing the scraper into the area you separated.  
  4. Rock the scraper from side to side as you push forward to pry the part off.


Quick Tip

Scrape at a shallow angle to prevent gouging the print bed. We use momentum for small parts (building up speed, and raming the part). We slowly pry off large parts per above. Always scrape away from yourself.


WARNING: Always pry with the scraper in a direction away from your body. The part may separate from the bed quickly and unexpectedly.  Failing to scrape away from your body may result in injury.