Activate Your Mark One

To activate your Mark One:

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.

  1. If your Mark One is connected to the internet please disconnect it.
  2. Sign in to your Eiger account
  3. Navigate to the Settings Page

  4. Navigate to the Printer Settings by clicking on Printer in the left sidebar. Account Settings Page

  5. Click Add Printer Printer Settings Page
  6. In order to register your printer you need to enter the following information:
    • A Name for your Printer
    • The Machine ID and Access Key for your printer can be found:
      • From the label on the back of your printer
      • OR On the included welcome card that came with the printer
      • OR on the info screen of your printer

        Add Printer Page
  7. Once you have entered this information click Add Printer
  8. Connect your Mark One to the internet. Instructions to do this can be found here.
  9. Once it has connected it will appear in you Eiger account.