Printing Your First Part

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


Import STLs Into Eiger

  1. Sign in to your Eiger account
  2. Click on the Import STL button in the Library Header or the Import Icon in the Navbar Library Page
  3. Select a .STL file to import from your computer
  4. This will take you to the Import Part Page Import Model
  5. Size & Orientation Size & Orientation

    Note If your part is too small or too large try changing the units or the scale. Units and Scale

  6. Composition & Infill Composition & Infill
  7. Infill Infill
  8. Review & Save Review & Save
  9. Once your part is configured click Save. The part will begin to slice. Once it is finished you will be able to print your part or edit it further. Slicing

Your part will now show up in your Library. You can return and print or edit it at any time. Library Page with Solid

Printing Parts

  1. Locate your part in Eiger
    • Navigate to the library page and select the part you want to print
    • Search for the part you want to print and then select it
  2. Once the part has loaded click "Print" Part Page - Print Button Highlighted
  3. This will take you to the Build Page. Build Page
  4. The build page is where you can configure how your print. Here you can:

    • Click and drag your part to position it on the build platform.
    • Add more parts to your build by selecting a Part from the dropdown in Add Part and then clicking Add Build Page

      Note: New Parts are added to the center of the build plate. You have to drag them to a new position on the print bed so that parts do not collide.

      Build Page

    • Click on the X next to a part's name to remove it from the build
  5. Once all the parts in your build have been configured you can print your parts.


If you have a Mark One that is registered with your account, connected to the internet and is ready to print you can select it from the Select Printer dropdown. Once a printer has been selected you can click the Print button which will generate the print and send it to your Mark One.


If your Mark One is not connected to the internet click the Download button. Eiger will generate and download a .mfp file for you to use offline. Simply copy this file onto a USB drive and insert it into the back of your Mark One. Navigate to the Settings Menu and select Print From USB. Then select your print from the list of available prints.

Note: When creating a file name for your .mfp file, please limit the characters in the name to ASCII Characters. File names with non-standard ASCII characters will not be able to be recognized.


Saving Builds

Prints that contain more than one part (or copy of a part) are called Builds. Once more than one part has been added to a print a button will appear that says Save as Build. If you think you will print this set of parts again save it as a build for easy access.