Removing Plastic From Nylon Bowden Tube

When loading plastic after the previous spool has run out, you will need to remove the fragment of plastic that remains in the line between the extruder motor and the print head.

  1. Run the load nylon routine.
  2. When the print head has heated, you will be prompted to "ensure the bowden tube is clear".  Do this by removing the thumbscrew on the outlet of the plastic extruder (unscrew the knurled part counter-clockwise)
  3. Pull out the 24" plastic fragment that is left in the tube. The tip at the other end of the plastic line will be hot. Be careful to not let it contact your skin. 
  4. Insert the nut back into the plastic extruder and re-tighten the thumbscrew. You are now ready to continue the load plastic routine.