Parts Peel. First Layer Does Not Stick To Print Bed.

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Troubleshooting support articles.


  1. Print bed too high. This is most likely caused by the bed not being level.  
    • Check the bed levelness and re-run the Bed Level Routine if necessary.  If the gap between the nozzle and print bed is too high, the extruded plastic will have a substantially round cross section.  
    • Under normal extrusion, the printer lays a bead with a rectangular cross section that is 0.4mm wide, and 0.1mm tall.  
    • You can measure the first layer of the part relative to the print bed.  The height should be .1mm for the first layer of the part.
  2. Under-Extrusion presents as sparsely filled cylinders.
      • They will be .1mm high off the bed, but not touching at their sides.  If you look at them under a microscope, they look like small threads that are not touching each other.   
      • Can result from wet Nylon
  3. Wet Nylon
  4. Lack of Glue - Parts peel at corners
  5. Other Strategies - If the above all fail, this problem may also be solved by adding fiber to a few layers at the bottom of your part, or by printing only one part at a time.


  •   Peeling at corners


  • Parts peeling at edges and corners