Parts Peel. First Layer Does Not Stick To Print Bed.

  1. Print bed too high. This is most likely caused by the bed not being level.  
    • Check the bed levelness and re-run the Bed Level Routine if necessary.  If the gap between the nozzle and print bed is too high, the extruded plastic will have a substantially round cross section.  
    • Under normal extrusion, the printer lays a bead with a rectangular cross section that is 0.4mm wide, and 0.1mm tall.  
    • You can measure the first layer of the part relative to the print bed.  The height should be .1mm for the first layer of the part.
  2. Under-Extrusion presents as sparsely filled cylinders.
      • They will be .1mm high off the bed, but not touching at their sides.  If you look at them under a microscope, they look like small threads that are not touching each other.   
      • Can result from wet Nylon
  3. Wet Nylon
  4. Lack of Glue - Parts peel at corners
  5. Other Strategies - If the above all fail, this problem may also be solved by adding fiber to a few layers at the bottom of your part, or by printing only one part at a time.


  •   Peeling at corners


  • Parts peeling at edges and corners