Low Plastic Extrusion

Low plastic extrusion is typically caused by nylon that has absorbed too much moisture, and can be characterized by poor infill, holes on the roof layers of parts, and generally bad print results.

If your nylon extruder is excessively clicking during printing (clicking is normal during filament load), please check for any tangled nylon in the dry box or a possible clogged nozzle.


To check for low plastic extrusion, please follow these instructions:


Note: You will need a scientific scale or kitchen scale to weigh extruded plastic in order to determine proper extrusion.


  1. Visually inspect the Filament Drybox for filament jams; clear a jam if one has occurred.
  2. Run a calibration extrude test from the utilities menu. The Mark One will begin to extrude nylon for a few seconds, then stop. Use the provided tweezers to remove this initial purge. The second extrusion cycle is what you will want to weigh.
  3. If you have a precise scale on hand, weigh the resulting plastic. The plastic output during the routine should weigh at least > 0.17g, but can be as high as just over 0.21g. The higher the better. (If you are using firmware version 2016-02-24-00-38-12-7d4de18 your extrusion weight should be at least 0.13g, but can be as high as just over 0.17g)
  4. If you do not have a scale, listen to the plastic extruder during the test. If the extruder clicks during the test, your printer probably has a low extrusion problem
  5. Run the calibration extrude test three times. If all three tests are problematic, clear the plastic nozzle and reload plastic by following the instructions below.


Clearing the plastic / nylon nozzle:

  1. Unscrew the plastic Bowden Tube Adapter from the printhead.
  2. From the Settings/Utilities menu on the touchscreen, run the “Preheat” routine.
  3. Once the routine is complete, carefully pull on the Bowden Tube Adapter to disconnect it from the printhead.  CAUTION: The plastic filament that comes out of the printhead will be very hot; avoid touching.
  4. From the touchscreen, run the Load Plastic routine; if filament moves freely from the end of the Bowden Tube, stop the routine on the touchscreen.  Clip the extruded filament ~3cm from the end of the Bowden Tube.
  5. If filament does not move freely, the entire filament path must be cleared of filament (extruder, Bowden tube, and Filament Feed Tube).  
  6. Proceed to the Filament Nozzle Replacement instructions.