Unload Material

Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.


FFF Plastic Filament (Nylon)

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the printer touchscreen.
  2. Select “Load/Unload Material
  3. Select "Unload Nylon"
  4. The printhead will warm up.  Once the warm up is complete, the “Next” button will appear; press it to continue.
  5. The printer will now purge the unused filament from the system, by pushing it back out of the Filament Feed Tube and into the drybox.  Watch the expelled filament; when it stops coming out press “Stop” on the printer touchscreen. The plastic extruder will make a loud clicking noise when the plastic has been unloaded. 
  6. Open the dry-box.  The remaining filament can now be manually pulled clear of the Filament Feed Tube and re-spooled.
  7. Seal the dry-box lid tightly; this will help to ensure maximum shelf life for the unused portion of the filament spool.
  8. Once this is complete, press “Done” on the printer touchscreen to continue.

Quick Tip

The extruder may click loudly when the nylon is extracted all the way. This is normal.

CFF Fiber Filament (carbon, glass, Kevlar®)

  1. NOTE: Unloading fiber does not require a printer utility. It's a manual operation.
  2. Using a piece of tape, secure the fiber to the inside wall of the fiber spool at the point where the fiber comes off of the spool and enters the Fiber Feed Tube.
  3. Clip the fiber just below the end of the Fiber Feed Tube.
  4. Grasp the cut end of fiber below the Fiber Feed Tube, pull it free of the printer, and discard.
  5. Fiber is now fully unloaded from the system.
  6. NOTE: Do NOT attempt to respool fiber from the printer back on to the fiber spool.  This will result in damage to the fiber that will render it unusable in your printer.