Unboxing and Assembly


Note: Legacy documentation is no longer being updated. For up to date instructions, see our Desktop Series support articles.

Unpacking your Mark One Composite 3D Printer

1. Remove shipping protection components

2. Remove zip tie holding the Z-stage to the X/Y Gantry


Install Wifi Antenna

  1. Attach Wifi Antenna to SMA jack in back of printer, or plug in ethernet cable to ethernet port. WiFi and Ethernet connectivity may require changes to DHCP router settings.
    You can find out more about connecting your Mark One to the internet or network here.  
    You can learn about Offline USB printing here. 


Power Up

  1. Plug Power Supply into wall, and into power input in back of printer. NOTE: Ensure that flat on connector points upwards.
  2. Turn power switch to the ON (upward) position.
  3. The printer will take several seconds to power on, at which point the main screen will display printer status and nozzle temperatures.