Replace Tensioner and Fixed Idler Pulley Assembly



Removing the Tensioner and Fixed Idler

You will need the following tools to replace the tensioner and fixed idler: 

  • 3mm Hex Wrench

To remove the tensioner and fixed idler on your printer:

  1. Remove the existing assemblies by using a 3mm hex wrench. Remove all tension from the belt by loosening the set screw on the tensioner.

  2. Remove one of the two M4 screws holding the fixed idler in the back right-hand corner of the machine.

  3. Hold the belt in place while removing the second M4 screw from the fixed idler to prevent it from falling off of the pulleys.

  4. Slide the belt off of the fixed idler. Reinstall one of the previously removed M4 screws and slip the belt over the screw.

  5. Repeat this process for the tensioner. After removing both assemblies, you should have the belt held in place by the M4 screws.

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Install the new tensioner and Fixed Idler

  1. Remove the M4 screw used in the back right-hand corner of the machine to keep the belt in place. Hold the belt in place to keep it from falling off of the pulleys. Slip the belt from underneath the pulley and reinstall using the original M4 hardware.

  2. Repeat this process for the tensioner.

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Set the Belt Tension

  1. Install and open the Pano Tuner app on your mobile device.
  2. Within Pano Tuner settings, set the "Tolerance" field to the "+/- 10 Cents" position.
  3. Turn off the printer; manually move the print head to a position that allows space for plucking the belt underneath the Y-rail opposite of the print head.
  4. Place your phone's microphone close to, but not touching the belt opposite of the print head. Pluck the belt, as if it were a guitar string. Use a 3mm hex wrench to adjust the belt tensioner until a frequency of 82Hz-84Hz is read by the app.

For more information about adjusting belt tension, click here.

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Check for Interferences

  1. Move the print head manually along the diagonals to isolate the movement of each pulley.  The print head should travel without any resistance.

  2. Observe each pulley's placement; there should be clearance between the bottom of the pulley and the top plate of the gantry.

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Calibrate Stepper Motor Encoders

It is very important to re-calibrate the stepper motor encoders after replacing your tensioner and/or fixed idler assembly. You can follow the instructions here to complete this task. 

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